Accounting Success - Set Goals

I set goals to focus my mind on what I want to achieve for both my business and my personal life. Generally, my business goals are for short time frames – 3 to 6 months and help me to ensure my annual business plan is achieved.

Goals can cover several facets of my business. I tend only to have no more than 3 on the go at once. That way I can work on making sure they get the time they deserve. Examples are:

  • How many new customers I would like to win a month.
  • Implementing new software to improve a customers on-boarding experience by the end of 2nd quarter.
  • How many meetings with clients to review their tax returns and future plans I would like to have completed each quarter.

Goals need to be SMART.
S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – realistic
T – Time bound (have a due date)

I would like to say I always achieve my goals. I don’t. However, I can review what has occurred and put in place a strategy for the next time, so they become attainable.

This is what business is all about – setting goals and objectives – reviewing how successful you have been – and then deciding what to do next.

4 additional things that you can do today to start heading to success


People connect with people – having a great product or service doesn’t guarantee success but it helps.

Keep Score

Record your days’ work. Everyday! Reconcile your business bank account ... daily. Xero accounting makes it easy.

Be Accountable

Have someone external you are accountable to. Many companies have a board to hold management accountable.

Plan Cash Flow

Prepare a realistic budget of your business expenses and revenue in cash terms for the next three months.

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