Accounting Success - Market Yourself

How you are going to reach your prospective customer?

Who is your prospective customer?

How are you going to reach your prospective customers:-

Newspaper? Flyer? Social Media? Business Groups?

People connect with people – having a great product or service doesn’t guarantee success but it helps. The aim of marketing is so people know what service or product you are offering and where to find you.

Marketing takes time. Do not expect instant results – often you will have to do the same thing three or four times before you see anything starting to happen. If you are a small company, it can be challenging as the time put into marketing means that you are either do this work outside of the normal 9 to 5 or perhaps sacrificing “work” time.

We have all seen successful people and wondered what made them successful. In my opinion, it is because their interactions with the people they meet are authentic. This means they are genuine, open and care about the people they are doing business with. It is not about your words it is about your actions.

Simple things:

  • Turn up when you say you are going to turn up – if you cannot make it, reschedule.
  • Provide quotes for all jobs – if you cannot do the work say so, and recommend who else they could contact.
  • Make sure your presentation is good.
  • Your written communication is checked and easy to understand.
  • Ensure your work site is clean and tidy … every day.
  • Have a call to action. As an example, “This quote is valid for 7 days” is better than nothing, but what if it was more positive “Call me on 21 123 123 by 5 pm on Saturday 16th to lock in this great deal”.
  • A customer referral is the best marketing you can get. Make sure, your interactions with customers are great.

4 additional things that you can do today to start heading to success

Set Goals

Set 3 to 6 months goals. This will help you to achieve your annual business plan and your personal objectives.

Keep Score

Record your days’ work. Everyday! Reconcile your business bank account ... daily. Xero accounting makes it easy.

Be Accountable

Have someone external you are accountable to. Many companies have a board to hold management accountable.

Plan Cash Flow

Prepare a realistic budget of your business expenses and revenue in cash terms for the next three months.

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