Accounting is recording your business activities in  Financial Terms

I work on an agreed fee basis to deliver your annual accounts and tax returns.

I can help you to manage your business more effectively. Being effective is making sure you do the right things for your business efficiently. What is right for your business may different from another business and will change over time as your business changes to meet market demand and growth.

In simple terms, accounting is simply recording your business activities in financial terms. Therefore, your financial reports like your profit and loss account and balance sheet should give you a great deal of information – right? Well… yes… if you know how to read them. It would be like giving me a set of house plans and expecting I could build the house. It doesn’t work.

I do not normally charge on an hourly basis. I work on an agreed fee basis to deliver your annual accounts and tax returns. Why? This way I am incentivised to work smarter to produce what we have agreed. By working with you, and your team, to ensure good processes and systems are in place means we win together. In some cases, it means your accounting is completely outsourced to me coming and working as your CFO on Call with your team to obtain the best results. Getting good, meaningful, timely financial information is good – for you and me!

I work solely on the Xero platform. I continue to invest in developing my understanding of Xero and software partners to ensure I can offer you good solid advice on the product and how to use it. Good systems make your life easier. I know it’s working when you are asking me questions on how to use the software or want specific reports to enhance your understanding of your business.

The end result will always be making sure your business has information that we both understand and you can work with.

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