I deliver more than the filing of your GST and Income Tax!

You deserve an accountant who is willing to get involved. 

  • who works with you to deliver bottom-line results; and
  • who has a great understanding of your business and its goals; and
  • who you feel comfortable enough with discussing almost anything.

You are working hard to get ahead. Money and time often seem to be in short supply. You are constantly thinking about work.  If this sounds familiar perhaps I can help.

Being in business is not easy. Often there is only one or two owners in the business trying to accomplish everything.  You find some parts of your business are easy, others are not but you can do them and the rest… well, we won’t talk about those.  

Until 2017, when I started Ingenii, I worked successfully in small and large businesses. Leading and managing teams ranging from 3 to more than 200 in finance, customer service and general management roles.  I have undertaken almost every accounting business role from paying suppliers to preparing corporate annual reports.  I have implemented software for sole traders to project managing large corporate implementations spanning several years.  I believe having effective systems and processes helps to provide business owners with more time, better information and the confidence to take on exciting challenges.

Why is my background important? Simple – I bring my experience to your business and I am happy to share it with you. There is no doubt that I will learn from you and as we build our relationship you will learn from me.

If you want a partner to handle some or all your accounting needs who can also provide practical business advice when you need it contact me.  Mark at Ingenii. 021 708 543.  mark@ingenii.nz

 Call Me, Mark at Ingenii. 021 708 543. 

Hands on Accounting with ongoing Financial Advice improves your likelihood of success

Help with business accounts - East Auckland


Working on an agreed fee basis to deliver your annual accounts and tax returns incentivises me to work smarter in order to deliver what was agreed on.

This puts us in a place to win together.

Financial Record Keeping


Any time is a good time to develop a Business Plan. If you’re contemplating a change in your business, a Business Plan is crucial.

Your chances of success improve immeasurably.

Financial Planning, Accountant


I will challenge you to think of better ways, question you about how and why you do things, so that we better understand you and your business.

Information that we both understand and can work with.

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